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"No one Cares about this Book"

This is what readers think when they see a book with zero or few reviews.

It is harsh but it is true and it makes getting those first reviews really, really hard. It is also why being a Published Author does not mean much nowadays. What you really want to be is a Reviewed Author.

A sad book with zero reviews

Becoming a Reviewed Author is Tough

So you go out of your way to get these reviews. You ask your friends, you chase book bloggers, and you buy special software. Some authors go against Amazon’s TOS and try to exchange reviews with other authors or pay to have their books reviewed.

You shouldn’t have to do any of this.

Getting reviews is time-consuming and hard

Get Reviews the Right and Easy way

Fiveabook will put your book in the hands of reviewers and track their reviews so you can focus on doing what you really love.

No more looking like “no one cares” ! No more guessing how successful your book could have been!

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